by Miguel Rueda & Emilio Barriga


Berlin, Germany 1945.

Weeks before the WW II’s end, the team of scientists that invented jet-propelled aircrafts

is working on a new kind of prototype in order to win the war. It is powered by

the magnetic energy that comes from two giant electrical generators which power a

monstrous motor called “Der Geist” (The Ghost) . This name comes from the haunting

sounds that the motor produced. It takes the team of scientists a while to get to control

the energy produced by the engine. Because of its huge magnetic power every single

piece of metal that is at hand ends up in its attraction field and every person that is

exposed over a period of 20 minutes ends up being sick. From that point on they solve

the problem using ceramic layers as engine isolators.


Mayer Hase, one of the main scientists of the team that didn’t agree with the Reich’s

ideals realized that Der Geist had the potential to become one of the most destructive

weapons ever made by man. He steals the plans of the prototype in the moment in

which Soviets enter Berlin and escapes to New York, U.S. dressed as a cook. He ends

up living in Brooklyn where he establishes a fried chicken and steamed potatoes

restaurant and tries to start over with a new identity trying to forget about his previous

life as an SS member.


Brooklyn, USA 1990.


Mr. Hase’s family (Latin wife and 2 sons) has taken over the restaurant leaving him to

live a calm and happy retirement. One day he goes back to check his old belongings

in a basement with the help of his favorite nephew ( an unemployed bartender with a

shady past). While cleaning the basement memorabilia from his life in his native

country a box that contains the plans of Der Geist appears. Mr Hase tells his nephew

the story of his secret invention and how his intention was always to help humanity

with it. His nephew makes a loose remark on how humanity must be full of such

amazing secrets like Der Geist and that somebody should look and rescue those

treasures in a safe way for the future and wellbeing of mankind. Mr. Hase feels that his

nephew’s words illustrate his life wish and asks him to fulfill it. From then on Uncle

and nephew use their secret technology to transform old obsolete vehicles into a


powerful aircrafts that allow them to go where no one else can go to save mankind’s

secrets. The nephew starts going by the name “Rabbit DJ” using the english version

of his uncle’s surname Hase (Rabbit) and they start to operate secretly as Rabbit

Cargo. They establish their headquarters in an old abandoned sugar factory where they

have underground complex in which they store their machinery and humanities’ long

lost secrets.