Shawn Lyons

Created and directed 
By Miguel Rueda

Miguel Rueda &

Emilio Barriga

Emilio Barriga
Miguel Rueda

Voice Talent
Laura Gomez - Camila
Carolina Ravassa-
Cloe, Samuel “the Robot”
Pig 1 and Pig2.
Michael Taylor - Tweezer
Dennis Yermoshin - Mr. Rabbit
Johnathan Olson - Johnny and Mr. Hide
Marie-Pierre Beausejour - Madame Bloody
Shawn Lyons - Narrator

Recording/Mix Engineer
Maxime Morin
Brewery Studio



Photographer Paula Abreu 


Web Designer and social media

Ana M Lyons

Andrew Gould - alto saxophone
Ioana Vintu - vocals
Andrew Freedman - piano &
Fender Rhodes
Johannes Felscher - bass
Peter Kronreif - drums
Music written by Andrew Gould
Pinch Studio
Studio engineer: Scott Lindner
Mixing engineer: Johannes Felscher

Sound designer final audio mix down
Juan carlos jaramillo redondo

Animation 2d, animation 3d, Editing,

Characters design, Storyboard, Art direction, Casting voices
By Aguijonfilms

Rabbit movers

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